The Matchmaker

  • By Phyron
  • Jun 28, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

Her job as Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Phyron is sometimes described as a professional dating service, and why not: She is effectively helping car dealers’ sales and marketing management to match their needs and challenges with potential solutions and services. But it goes deeper than that, says Lessan Adkeme:

“I talk to quite a few car dealers around Germany every working day, and my first obligation is to listen and learn about their business situation. Right now, with the general shortage of cars, slow response to online ads or campaigns may not be an imminent problem. But that will not last forever, and cost efficiency is always an issue. Some also face tough local competition and need to stand out and sharpen their dealer brand. Others need to lower their total selling costs, or free their staff from time-consuming internal routines like ad production, handling and publishing. The more cars, the more ads, the more time to save” 

Before even discussing the benefits of a potential solution, it is important to consider the internal structures, not least the roles and responsibilities of Marketing and Sales. And, in some companies, Digital or Business Development management.    

Efficient work routines

“The very idea of evaluating more effective systems or tools is usually preceded by internal discussions about the need to adapt to external changes, and about efficient work routines and results. And not least, how are other dealers around Germany and Europe dealing with these changes. Sometimes discussions also involve the differences between alternative investments, like 360° photo. Phyron’s automated solution is a service, not a capital investment, but that’s another story. For me as an “SDR” I am sometimes asked to share some facts or case stories, but I am not there to sell a solution.” 

In this respect, the role of the “SDR” is mutually educational, clarifying some facts to help focusing on the key issues. Some would call it a “fit assessment” or mutual quality control.

“The most interesting aspect of my work is to fully understand the dealer’s specific challenges and priorities. As far as I’m concerned it’s always about win-win.”