Bring your car presentations back to life

  • By Phyron
  • Dec 5, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

The universal Law of Advertising states that, to be seen and read, you must first stand out; do the unexpected; break the pattern. Because, if you don’t nothing else matters. But being noticed is only your entry ticket, mere attention won’t get you anywhere.

Seeing a picture of discarded mannequins in a car magazine would certainly stand out. But it might also, for example, remind you that things change. The days of girls-on-car-hood promotion are long gone, now we are entering another wave of radical change.

The entry ticket is still attraction

Online attention means video. Qualified attention means studio-quality video. And automated AI video is an excellent carrier of complex information as well as captivating, sometimes emotional impressions.

Video used to be an impossible dream for used cars. Because of the big numbers, as a dealer you may have thousands of unique vehicles to promote. And because each individual buyer is looking for different things in a car. Somewhere along the search process, the qualities and services offered by a dealer may also influence their preferences. 

Automated AI video can be easily applied to sell every single car in your catalog, and every reason to buy them from you. Early enough in the buying process to make a real difference, and wherever the right buyer may be in his or her buying journey.

So, bring your car presentations back to life and reconsider some of the allocations in your 2023 advertising budget. The technical and financial limitations you used to know are as irrelevant as live mannequins in a car showroom.