The easy way to get 50% more bang for your car ad bucks. Every time!

  • By Phyron
  • Jun 28, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

To ensure a steady inflow of leads, many Canadian and US dealers pay a lot of money to external “lead companies”. They may well get the number of leads they ask for, but the quality of these leads is not always what it should be. The other concern is of course that an external source makes a rather big hole in your budget. But the biggest problem is that you are stuck with old, inefficient leads management.

The main reason why I joined Phyron is their automated, easily affordable video solution to make the dealers’ online showroom do all the hard work. And boy, does it work! A leading publisher of car ads recently reported that ads with Phyron videos get an average 50% more visits and cars are sold 3-5 days faster. For a car dealer, that means lower total sales cost. These are hard facts, based on 10,000 actual car ads published in 2022.

From your point-of-view the solution is very simple: The existing pictures, text and data in your car catalog are turned into attractive videos, generated automatically in real-time. Ready for use on your site, in external marketplaces, and social media. No manual work involved, whatsoever. So your sales people can focus entirely on what they do best, building relationships and closing the deal.

Video is by far the most effective sales tool, and here you can get tens of thousands videos, each one highlighting all the best features of the car within the first 30 seconds or so. And you can easily include whatever financial or other services that apply for the specific car. It’s awesome, you really must see it to believe it.

Technically, our ad automation machinery has already produced some 230 million unique ads, worldwide. Businesswise, more than a thousand dealers are up and running. 

Give me a call, and I will tell you about their experiences.

Munish Sharma
Senior Account Executive
+ 1 587 340 2098