A case for seductive car ads

  • By Phyron
  • Feb 6, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

In advertising, video is the universally preferred choice for maximizing the attention and engagement of the intended buyer. Like the number of used car buyers that notice a tiny ad among hundreds of others in external marketplaces, social media, or a dealer’s own digital showroom.

But, make no mistake, All Video is Not Created Equal!

  • For the right feel and impact, look for premium, studio-quality video
  • You never know when the right buyer appears, so make sure it’s always-on
  • Make sure the ads are instantly ready for use in all channels
  • With automated video you can get video for all your cars in minutes.

Then ...Booom!

Now, is it really fair to seduce perfectly innocent  buyers like that?

It’s attractive and life-like all right. And buyers are often emotionally involved in their vehicles, and thus vulnerable to attractive suggestions. Not least in the sensitive moments preceding a buying decision. So, do we seduce the buyer?  

Not quite. Because video is also the most honest way to convey whatever the buyer most likely wants to know. Model versions, extras, and mileage. Performance, environmental or safety facts. All within the critical first few seconds of exposure. 

Can advertising be more honest (and seductive) than that?

With automated always-on video you can even include all sorts of information about the dealer, financial and other services relevant for each specific car.

Honest declaration of everything the buyer wants to know also improves the odds for a smooth deal, a happy buyer, add-on service revenues, and more business to come.