Paid Ads

Your entire catalog, always on video ads

All formats. All placements.

Video content on Facebook and Instagram has 10 times higher reach compared to static content. Users also spend 5 times longer looking at video content.

AI-Powered paid video ad platform

Optimized for selling and displaying your inventory to new audiences. Promotes your entire catalog with unique, creative videos for an always on strategy.



Your inventory is automatically fetched via API


Video content

AI creation of multiple video ads and cars for +15 placements


Media buying

Campaign setup and recurring bid management


AI Optimization

Automated optimization of all parts of the process

Maximum reach and impact

Push your car video ads to advertising platforms where your customers are. Drive more traffic and engage throughout the car buyer’s journey

Always on and fully automated
360 delivery with automated video content, inventory fetching, optimization and media management.
Tailored experiences for every audience
Retargeting and new client reach out. Decide on the geographical area and also which cars to advertise. We will optimize the rest.
Ads for most popular placements & formats
Supporting the most popular placements and formats to maximize reach.
Supporting major networks
Reach new customers on major networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Customers spend more time
Customers spend 5 timers longer looking at videos vs static content on Facebook & Instagram

Your automated marketing department

Seamless extension of your marketing efforts. Through our cutting-edge automated service, you unlock the potential of having an equivalent of 2-3 full-time employees. Always on.

Video Photographer
Video Creator
Ad Manager
Ad & Bid Management
Render & Hosting
Service Provider
Customer Success Team