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Turn video into an automated new revenue stream

Every dealer wants video of their inventory, that’s a given – but how can you as a marketplace partner capitalize on that fact? And what’s in it for dealer software companies?


Users love video. Dealers love video. Once you have included our fully automated solution to your premium or value add packaging, you will too. Increase the value you offer, get more demand for premium products whilst creating a potential uplift in pricing and margins.

Dealer software companies

Manually produced video is very expensive and to be fair, Self Service Video Apps means one more system and a lot of manual time. It just doesn’t solve the problem.

In contrast, Phyron offers fully Automated, AI-enhanced Car Videos for your clients. 100% of their inventory will have video up-and-running in no time, without them doing anything. AI automatically identifies the best selling points for each car. AI is also used to optimize the perceived quality of your existing photos by upscaling.

What can you as a partner expect?

  • More successful clients by speeding up sales by 3-5 days
  • Increased client attention
  • A new ongoing revenue stream
  • Phyron creates, hosts and streams all videos + integrates to partner’s software/marketplace

Car dealers around the world are using Phyron

The Automotive Transformation Group deliver car retailer video content

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our NetDirector® Auto-e platform, and our partnership with Phyron allows us to deliver unprecedented video content for retailers. This is something that was previously expensive and took a lot of time to do with inconsistent results.”

Tim Smith

Chief Executive Officer at The Automotive Transformation Group