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We provide a fully automated solution to create engaging and attractive car ads.


Automated video made easy

The Phyron solution combines outstanding visual presentation with automated ad production, handling, and publishing. We enable car dealers to engage more buyers and sell their cars faster.

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Under the hood

  • Intelligent object detection

    So you highlight the best selling points

  • Automatic background removal

  • Automatic publishing

  • Marketplace aggregation

  • Phyron multifunctional video player

Car dealers around the world are using Phyron

We simply attract more car buyers online

“We always had to take photos of every car, and fill in the essential data in the car catalogue. So we simply connect to Phyron’s video generator and get complete, ready-to-use videos in return. It’s really as easy as that.”

Susa Niemelä

Chief Digital Officer at Rinta-Joupin Autoliike

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