Adapt your 2023 advertising budget to harsh realities

  • By Phyron
  • Sep 20, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

When planning sales and marketing activities for next year, we all need to consider the current harsh business realities as well as strategic changes in the automotive industry. And, not least, take advantage of new sales and marketing technologies.

New consumer behaviour and automotive business development accelerate the need for structural change. Only those who understand the complexity of costs, and the potential revenues from simplified and attractive online offerings will succeed.  

First and foremost, make sure to present your entire vehicle inventory in a more attractive and efficient way. Phyron's fully automated online video solution

  • makes ads more attractive, engaging, and informative
  • optimizes visual presentation of each car
  • removes or replaces backgrounds in your style
  • highlights key features with text and data in real time, at minimal overall cost.


Dealers and media companies across Europe confirm that Phyron video ads attract more buyers and help sell vehicles faster. The most comprehensive independent study to date was conducted by media giant Adevinta in Hungary, analysing the results of 10,000 car ads published in Q1 2022. Car ads with Phyron video attracted 50% more viewers and were sold 3-5 days faster. 

Reducing the number of days in stock effectively lowers capital costs and other expenditures. Automated ad creation, management, publishing, and updating add considerable opportunities for cost savings too. 

Last but not least, especially in times of turbulent change, make sure you are easily recognizable as a first-choice dealer and present your vehicles and services the way today’s buyers want to see them. In short: Make automated car video a natural part of your 2023 advertising plan.