The industrial approach to used car advertising

  • By Phyron
  • Jul 5, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

After more than 15 years in automotive marketing and sales, I personally know many car dealers as truly business-minded and forward-looking entrepreneurs, open to new ideas. But the rapidly evolving digital revolution makes it difficult for anybody to fully understand what generates sales and customer satisfaction in the new business environment. Trying something new may seem risky to some people, but standing still is even riskier, and game-changing innovations tend to originate from new and unknown sources. 

The evolution of automated video is a good example of that. When I worked with manual video tools and R&D workshops for the PSA Group (Stellantis), I soon realized that cost effective video requires an industrial automation mindset and specialized technical skills that no dealers – or even car manufacturers – can be expected to possess.

 Video can be used to boost the entire buying journey, from the appearance of the ad on a car site, marketplace, or social media to the dealer’s online showroom. 

50% more ad views, 3-5 days faster sales

Car buyers will experience Phyron video-based car ads as more attractive and engaging and providing more easily understood information. Car dealers will rather appreciate that this results in 50% more ad views and faster sales (Source: Adevintas, Q1 2022). Under the hood, these results are created in a unique “industrial” process generating thousands of vehicle-specific videos of incredible qualities in minutes. Videos that generate both interest and emotion are naturally more likely to affect the intention to buy. 

These are no revolutionary insights. Other industries are developing in a similar direction. The vast majority of dealers are fully aware that digital will continue to advance, and that they must follow. When I call the marketing managers or the directors of leading dealerships around the country to talk about Phyron, they are almost always eager to learn more about the practical implications and economies of the new technology. If they happen to be busy right now, we simply book a video meeting later on. The smart ones tend to call me first.

It is really as easy as that to take the first step. 

Gaël Moysan
Senior Account Executive 
+ 33 6 62 66 41 47