Are you getting in shape for the autumn? It’s about time!

  • By Phyron
  • Aug 23, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

Even the simplest words have multiple meanings. From your targeted consumer’s point-of-view TIME can be how long it takes to spot your ad … to be intrigued, attracted, engaged enough to learn more about it … slowly, click by click, or through an instantly engaging, and informative AI video presentation. Getting all the answers, falling in love, imagining the road feel, feeling the urge.

From the dealer’s point-of-view TIME can be the number of days a used car remains unseen, undiscovered, unloved … each day representing unrevenues (I just made up that word) and some very real costs. Capital cost, space, insurance, maintaining the good looks …

TIMING is all about coordination and precision. But you don’t KNOW exactly when that precisely right consumer gets the idea to look for a car ad online. Or simply happens to come across it, and being caught in the stride by the high-quality image. You don’t know so the precisely right time is ... ALWAYS.

One more thing: How many hours (or days?) would you need to create the perfect ad for one car in your catalog? I mean, really good, highlighting the most attractive features for that specific car? Including the services that make it an even better deal? And the reasons why they should buy it from YOU?

If a dealer wants to make the best deal EVERY TIME there is one simple strategy …

  • Include every single car in stock in all your online activities
  • Present every single one with a top notch video presentation
  • Use AI to ensure better image quality and a smooth presentation
  • Apply the same high standards in external marketplaces and the most powerful social media as on your own website
  • Keep up the good work around the clock, every day.

Faster to market ... always-on … top notch video presentations … in the most powerful media may sound like an impossibly expensive dream.

It isn’t. You will most likely SAVE both time and money by letting Phyron do all the work. Some would say it’s about time!

Rolf Andersson
Phyron Writer and Editor