Catch the car buyers with video at the very top of the funnel

  • By Phyron
  • Sep 21, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

There are too many funnel models and theories to count. But one thing is certain: The earlier you get noticed by the right buyer for the right reasons … the better odds for a smooth buying journey and a happy end. Ka-ching!

In automotive retail, the funnel typically start in external marketplaces or, increasingly, social media.

”Because, that’s where most potential car buyers spend more time nowadays”, says Gaël Moysan, Phyron’s country manager for France. ”Car buying is both rational and emotional, and many buying journeys start without a conscious decision to buy a car. Often it starts with an everyday conversation among friends, or when they happen to come across something attractive online.”


Gaël Moysan has many years of experience from digital marketing in the automotive industry, and an active interest in neuroscience. In his current role with Phyron he frequently gets involved in dealer discussions about the sales funnel. Gaël Moysan again:

”Neuroscience tells us that memory is selective. To effectively integrate information into the digital customer journey, you have to present it in a clear and structured way. Information that is easy to understand and remember.”

Summary visuals and bullet points can really help to facility decision-making, and these are important aspects of Phyron’s automated AI videos, too.


Today, automotive dealers are asked to invest in all sorts of digital solutions to sell more cars. Gaël Moysan says:

”One problem is that these solutions tend to cost a lot of money. Another is that they are applied too late in the buying process to make a real difference. The decision to buy a certain car has already been made, and the complex, time-consuming solution only adds to the selling costs.”

Alternatively, an automated low-cost service without any capital investment, introduced early, at the very top of the funnel, can help to turn around the entire stock several days faster.

Rolf Andersson
Phyron Writer and Editor