Change is for leaders

  • By Phyron
  • Nov 17, 2023
  •  – 1 min read

Change is your new business-as-usual. Go with it.

Where do we get our daily dose of information to inspire new initiatives and ideas? Increasingly via ever-changing online media, platforms, and forums.

Where do we seek, find, evaluate and buy the products and services we need and want? Inceasingly in ever-changing distribution channels.

How do we communicate with others, and how do we process the information that we receive? Via ever-changing digital solutions and services.

How do we take all this one great leap further? By extending our own unrivalled brainpower with unthinkable processing power and unthinkable masses of information. AI.

Change, adaptive Change, accelerating Change is the new normal. The future remains an elusive moving target, but we still strive to get there first.

Throughout the past 50 years, our lives and work have undergone radical and never-ending Change.

  • From neighborhood stores to supermarkets to online shopping;
  • From typewriters, calculators, analog newspapers, and landlines to mobile multimedia gadgets and video chats.
  • From hardware to software to subscribed SaaS.

And now … AI automation with greater disruptive potential for accelerating, disruptive Change than anything before.

Change is energy and imagination. Change means always looking for, trying for better ways. Change brings new opportunities, makes your job more educational and interesting. The pace is accelerating. And each new wave of Change brings new opportunities for open-minded sales and marketing people.

Rolf Andersson
Phyron Writer and Editor