The real value of attraction

  • By Phyron
  • Oct 17, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

In these times of product shortage and delivery backlogs, price may not be top-of-mind for car dealers. But it is, and will always be, a factor in your everyday customer dialog and business calculations. So, crisis or no crisis: The more attractive cars... and the more attractive presentation of the cars, the less need for special deals and discount stickers.  


Buyer preferences and buying decisions are only partly based on tangible features and aspects. For the buyer, the perceived value can be as personal and emotional as with fashion clothing, premium watches or perfumes.  

The emotional side is often demonstrated in brand advertising for cars, too. New cars. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is painfully obvious in most used car picture galleries and ads: Endless rows of standardized, boring specifications and easily forgotten low-quality photos. So easy to ignore, and so far from a potential buyer’s imagination of his or her next dream car.  


The efficient display of attractive and actively sought-after features within the first few seconds is key. It may well determine if car buyers notice the car online, spend enough time to examine it in detail, remember where they saw it, and take the next step. Equally important, positive emotions often help to sell the car faster with less need for bargaining, campaign offerings or price reductions. 

Today’s consumers clearly appreciate video as the most natural and attractive way to identify, explore, and compare products of interest. This is confirmed in multiple consumer research, and by the more than 1,500 European dealers routinely presenting their cars with automated AI video.   


Regular video presentations may help to maintain a higher price level but require a lot of costly manual work, so no realistic option for used cars. In contrast, AI automated videos for all your cars can be delivered within minutes, are proven to attract more viewers and sell cars faster. And, in good times and bad, reduce dealers’ total sales cost. 

Unlike fashion design it provides real net value, so it’s here to stay.