Customer Stories

How Carweb innovates marketing in the Norwegian automotive business

  • By Phyron
  • May 25, 2020
  •  – 3 min read

Dealerships keep tens, hundreds or even thousands of cars in stock at considerable capital costs. To help speed up sales Carweb, Norway’s no. 1 automotive software and marketing provider, now offers hundreds of car dealers automated video with AI.

Carweb, a major Nordic provider of Automotive software and marketing, is now offering their clients – several hundred car dealers – automated AI video services by Phyron. The solution is jointly offered by Carweb and its video pioneering parent company Finn is not only the largest Norwegian website in terms of page views, but also the world’s ninth largest classified.

“Video brings the entire buyer experience closer to a deal and has shown to speed up sales and thus cutting capital cost”

– Wiggo E. Ryhjell, Director of Business development & marketing.

Today, a huge ambition within automotive marketing is to give each potential customer a better understanding, knowledge and personal feeling for the specific vehicle, throughout the entire buying process. In order to achieve this, no means of communication can compare to video. Video does not only convey a selling message fast and effectively; it also brings the entire buyer experience closer to a closing deal.

“Our clients demand a video for each unique used car but rejects using costly manual labor creating them.”

– Wiggo E. Ryhjell, Director of Business development & marketing.

Highlights best selling points automatically

Phyron’s video solution includes artificial intelligence (AI) which automatically identifies the best-selling points of each individual car as well as removes unwanted backgrounds. The possibility to directly book a live demo in the video using eDialog24, takes us even further in the sales process. This incredible, built-in selling power adds considerable weight to the dealers’ marketing strategies, and to their marketplace listings.

Says Phyron’s CPO, Mattias Kellquist:

“As recent studies indicate, fully 80 percent of all car buyers want to see a video before they buy a car and a staggering one out of three wants to buy a car online without visiting a traditional showroom. Video plays a major role in this digital transformation as well as in engaging the buyer and making each car stand out. This also saves money for the dealer by shortening the buying process.”

“Creating a professionally high level video that is appealing and selling is not enough”, explains Phyron’s CPO. “Since we are working with hundreds of dealerships, the production must be visually neutral and likeable for it to work with different brands and all of their colors and logos. These are very important criteria’s that we always make sure to meet, together with Carweb.”

Worldwide potential

The cooperation between Carweb and Phyron is a strong example of where the automotive business is heading. A more cost-effective business model for automotive retailers, platform providers and marketplaces worldwide. To this end, the solution is the world’s first easily scalable, top quality automated video production for the global automotive industry.