• Jun 9, 2022
  •  – 2 min read

“Future is an attitude” is the message that reflects the new brand strategy of global, auto giant Audi. The campaign is characterized by sustainability, digitalization and design, as well as the human needs and values.

Audi is showing the way to an electric, digital and emotional future with their new global marketing campaign.  In addition to their latest release of electric car E-Tron Sportback that takes place in the campaign, the visionary city car Audi AI: ME and the concept car Audi Q4 Sportback E-Tron, can be seen in the new campaign as well. All vehicles are supposed to represent the innovative power of the German brand.

The iconic Audi rings is painted on a huge property next to one of the most busiest routes in Stockholm.

To really emphasise the campaign’s strong theme, Audi has created a new surface along one of Sweden’s most busy routes. The new message delivered by the auto giant can be seen, painted by one of Sweden’s foremost graffiti artist, on a completely branded property next to Swedish route, Essingeleden.

According to the  Swedish marketing department at Audi, this new branding strategy is a completely right and natural step of Audi’s corporate vision in creating a sustainable premium mobility of the future. They also point out how the Swedish market is at total forefront of the” electric car transition” and their first electric car Audi e-tron has even become a huge favourite amongst their customers in the larger SUV segment.



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