Do you sell luxury or solid customer value?

  • By Phyron
  • Mar 16, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

How solid are your promises now?

Every business is based on the perception of promises and expectations of delivery. Not least in times of uncertainty.

”Premium” brands are expected to deliver intangible value beyond function, performance, durability, safety, and reliability. Car buyers may, for example be willing to pay more for design, prestige, sustainability, or identification with a certain persona or lifestyle.

Some "luxury brands", automotive and others, may find that the classic strategies, referring to fame and fortune, sex and adventure, will only go so far.

Facing an uncertain future or actual economic downturn it may become more important to sell the real thing. To present all the angles, and all the detailed benefits of the product and related services in a clear and attractive way.

Services also relate to the promises of the dealer brand. The qualities that make buyers come back and generate profitable revenues, spread the word to other buyers and, in due time, come back for the next positive buying experience.

Don't build brand sand castles on the beach. With automated video you can build solid dealer promises into every single car ad.

Virtually all car buying journeys start online. An exceptionally competitive environment demanding immediate attention and super-effective visual presentation.

Which means Video: Online video. Studio-quality video. Always-on video of the car that each specific buyer is interested in. In other words, every car in the dealer’s catalog. And now is the perfect time.