Don’t save your company story for your grandkids

  • By Phyron
  • Sep 7, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

Some time ago, a wave of sudden insight swept across the world of corporate identity and branding. Turning the focus from purpose, reason-to-be, selfless contribution to society to … living up to all those big words. From Why to How.

Which is sometimes easier said than done. A recent McKinsey survey reports that fully 42 percent of employees in a sample of 1,000 US companies failed to see any real, measurable footprint of their company’s lofty brand promises. 42 percent!

Company stories are for real. And people tend to be enlighted and energized by being part of a good, meaningful story. Connecting today’s business challenges with past achievements, and a vision for the future.

In large corporations the stories are usually about outstanding inventors, scientists, engineers or leaders. How they changed their chosen slice of the universe for the better. Maybe your story is about transformation, survival, or beating the odds in a new digital business environment?

I have worked with several industrial companies founded by inspired entrepreneurs as way back as the late 1800s. They certainly have stories to tell. The world’s oldest, still active corporation, Stora, started in Falun, Sweden as a copper-mining venture in 1288 AD! Over the centuries it evolved into forestry-based industries. Still alive and kicking.

Real people add life to company stories. I have personally got to know some (slightly younger) medtech companies founded on the research of outstanding medical doctors. Dr Gunnar Johansson (In vitro allergy testing) … Dr Carl-Gunnar Engström (the modern ventilator) … Dr Lars Leksell (the Gamma knife) …

Bright guys, fantastic innovations. great stories. Sadly, stories that gradually erode and fade away in the never-ending flow of mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships.

Over time even the largest, most admired companies give way to new business realities, new ventures, new heros, new stories.

By documenting and sharing your company’s story, it becomes more interesting and relatable. But don’t just wait for your great grandchildren to read or hear about it. Use it to differentiate and energize your marketing and sales dialogs now.

The Phyron AI story evolved in Sweden with a creative film & fx pioneer sharing ideas about the future with a bunch of likeminded online media, online sales, and international marketing entrepreneurs.

Rolf Andersson
Phyron Writer and Editor