Facing 2023 the Bossoni way

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  • Oct 10, 2022
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Gruppo Bossoni is one of the biggest and fastest growing automotive dealerships in Italy. With more than 40 selling points in the provinces of Brescia, Cremona, Mantua, and Piacenza, the company represents 17 different car brands. We met Mr. Francesco Bossoni, Director of Marketing Digital, and Communications to get an updated insight into the Italian business and car market.

Hi Francesco. First, could you tell us something about your role and responsibilities in the company?
I have the pleasure to lead one of the most innovative and creative parts of the company. 13 people assigned to work with a wide range of marketing and communication activities, from traditional media to lead generation, from events to PR. Our activity is very “vertical” because we must answer to each brand’s particular requests in the fastest and most effective way.

What are the most serious or urgent concerns, facing 2023?
First of all, the overall troubles with product supply affect our revenues too. Italy is no different from the rest of Europe in that respect, but the main difference between us and northern Europe is that electric vehicles are more popular there than here.

To address the supply-related challenges, we have developed a strategy in order to reduce costs without impacting too much on our business and marketing activities, and most important, on our people’s earnings.We are aware that these are temporary solutions, in the longer-term it’s basic that car factories improve their production to help the entire industry.

What, in your view, is the most distinguishing quality of your dealership? Why should a car buyer buy their next car from you?
We’re on the market since 1987, we keep on growing year after year, we can enumerate thousands of satisfied customers, and in our territories we’re top-of-mind if you think of cars.

Which competitive aspects of the cars will become most critical in the next couple of years?
In Italy I think that local environment issues and related legislation would help to speed up the ecological transition, making it easier to swap from gasoline and diesel to electric.

How do you expect your own and other dealer groups’ offering of differentiating services to evolve?
For us, Customer First is really THE mission. To improve customer satisfaction and the retention process, we are focusing on all touchpoints the customers have with our company. Especially, we are concentrating on further advancement of Service-to-Sales development.

How would you describe your general approach to digital marketing and sales promotion? Could you tell us something about your current strategies and ongoing or planned developments?
Our most important objectives are engaged users, leads, positive reviews, and signs of customer satisfaction. For this reason we apply a range of new technologies: New websites, Phyron, Salesforce CRM, Voicebot... We are improving steadily in every aspect, but the road ahead is long.

Finally: Italy is world famous for style and design. How is that reflected in your presenting of the cars?
We are really experienced in design, and for Italian customers the design and visual presentation are as important, sometimes even more important than the product itself.

Thank you for sharing, Francesco. And all the best for Q4 and 2023.

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Mr. Francesco Bossoni, Director of Marketing Digital and Communications

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