From easy onboarding to exceeding customer expectations

  • By Phyron
  • Nov 30, 2022
  •  – 3 min read

Since November 2022 Katharina Weighardt is an International CSM (Customer Success) at Phyron’s headquarters in Stockholm. She says that her job is all about fulfilment; meeting and preferably exceeding the needs and expectations of the customer’s organization. 

Welcome to Phyron, Katharina. Who are you; what’s your professional background?

Born and raised in Germany, I started off working with sales and customer services in Munich. Since I started at the Swedish company Klarna in 2017, I have mainly worked with quality assurance, product and process, and strategic organzational development. Klarna was growing fast, and my everyday business was adjusted to this pace. This taught me how to deliver fast but thorough, thriving on exceeding my own goals. I strive to bring that spirit working with Phyron.

Quality and organization ... How can you apply this experience in Customer Success? 

To meet the needs and challenges of a Sales, Marketing manager or Digital manager, it is essential to understand their company’s organization, external challenges, and internal processes. To meet their needs, I and my CSM colleagues depend on the skills and efforts of the entire Phyron team. It’s a mutual team effort, so I work with people and the people around them to deliver the right things on time. 

As for the quality of processes, it’s obviously key to any successful business interaction, and I have never liked to do something only 80 percent right.

So, why Phyron? And why Sweden?

Phyron caught my eye last summer, and both the product and the company’s vision just impressed me. I wanted a new challenge in a new area as well as working for a smaller company that is just about to kick off in a big way. Phyron is ticking all the boxes. Being so warmly welcomed and onboarded just confirmed that I made a good and right decision.

“Why Sweden?” is a question easily answered, I think. Everyone who has been here knows what a beautiful country it is. I moved here for private reasons but liked Stockholm from the very start. So, in the end, working for a company that encouraged and enabled this move wrapped up the entire decision to do it.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

As soon as the contract with a new customer is signed, I will be actively involved in the onboarding process, making sure that we have all the information we need, and guiding the process every step of the way. Once they are up and running, I will make sure that they keep the highest designated support required. The work varies a lot, so I don’t think there are any “normal” days, which helps to make the job even more exciting.

By definition, my role all depends on our customers’ needs and priorities at any given time. These needs will be different for new and established customers, and evolve with new customers and product features. Working with customers in different countries will bring a lot of insights and enable them as well as us at Phyron to succeed. You never stop improving and I am very excited to fully jump in and get involved.