Henrys Cars: YouTube, Whatsapp, and direct CTA to the sales team

  • By Phyron
  • Mar 21, 2023
  •  – 3 min read

After only two months with Phyron AI video, it’s full speed ahead for Glasgow-based Henrys Cars. With three separate dealerships in the area, the company has sold Honda for 45 years, Skoda for 25 and complemented with Suzuki five years ago. We had a pleasant chat with the Suzuki Dealer Principal, Peter Mustard. 

Good morning, Peter. First, who are you?

 I was born into the motor trade as my father owned a car dealership. After I graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Medieval History I entered the automotive industry. Previous to joining Henrys I was Group Operations Manager for a multi franchise dealer. 

How would you describe the local car market to fellow dealers in other parts of the world?

Glasgow is a hub with around one million people in Scotland, a largely rural country north of England. So, like Scandinavia, a bit chilly during the winter months! Our transformation to electric cars is relatively slower in comparison though, as most people reside in apartment buildings with limited access to overnight charging at home.

Right now the market is relatively buoyant, and demand is still outstripping supply. I think by Q3 we will start to see a return to more traditional new car volumes which should see some stability in the used car market.  

What inspired you to introduce automated AI video?

Besides hearing and reading about Phyron in the media, we saw it implemented by major dealerships and it was recommended by one of our marketing partners. So we decided to learn more about it. 

How are you doing, so far?

It’s still quite early in our Phyron journey so we don’t really have any comparison stats as of yet. The teams enjoy showing customers the videos and the AI technology that identifies key specifications within it. It has removed about 5 minutes from our process of advertising a car online. Previously we would take a number of photos and then spend 5 minutes creating a video. Within a day we could have saved as much as an hour in the process.

Sounds like a good beginning. Where are you going from here?

We have just agreed to create a Phyron feed direct to our YouTube channels to allow us to every used vehicle showcased on YouTube. We have also just integrated Whatsapp into our Phyron videos to allow a direct CTA to the sales team which can be answered instantaneously.

So, you were up and running within a month or so. What about the onboarding process?

The support from the Phyron team has been great, from Tina and Rui at the development stage through to the superb Katharina and Shaun.

Thanks for sharing, Peter. Enjoy the ride ahead!