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How DinBil primarily invests in their digital showroom

  • By Phyron
  • May 25, 2020
  •  – 2 min read

In order to speed up sales, every phase of your customers’ buying journey needs to move faster, all the way. To get more leads and increase sales in the sea of dealers and cars, the online visitor must find what they are looking for, fast and easy. DinBil is doing exactly that.

DinBil is a Swedish dealership selling around 77,000 cars per year. The company represents brands such as Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Seat and Porsche in all Swedish metropolitan markets.

A rapidly growing number of car buyers have come to expect the convenience of viewing your entire car range online. Today, your most business-critical showroom is the digital one.

To create instant attraction, your digital platforms must welcome each potential buyer as effectively as in the physical showroom. Your visitors will probably look at a number of similar cars, so it is very important to present each one as favorably as possible, highlighting the precisely right selling points. As a professional, trustworthy dealership you need to present your range and each individual car in a way that is as conveying as a live showroom demonstration.

Today your business-critical showroom is the digital one

Until recently, car dealers such as DinBil struggled to demonstrate their dedication to inform and support their potential buyers online. Since mid 2019 the nationwide cardealer gives their potential buyers a brand-new experience that does not only capture their attention but also improves the perceived quality of the information provided. Presenting thousands of videos every week, DinBil’s management reports increased car sales as well as a much-improved brand awareness.

46% more lead generation and improved brand awareness

Ever since DinBil introduced their new marketing take, their videos have become an extremely important resource in the customers’ decision-making process. An average visitor spends nearly 20 seconds of each online visit watching a video per car visit. Since the automated video implementation in 2019, DinBil’s sub brand Volkswagen has increased their lead generation by much impressive 46%. The successful implementation of automated video is the groundbreaking results of a close, continuous collaboration between Phyron and DinBil.