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Replacing Manual Tasks with AI: How Jan Nygaard Saved 88% in Costs with Phyron

  • Feb 15, 2024
  •  – 5 min read

We had the pleasure of interviewing Anders Belsø, a 37-year old father of two who has been at Jan Nygaard since 2015. Starting in Sales, Anders has been working as a Premium Selection Manager for just over 2 years, perfecting the art of curating the best BMWs and Minis in the Copenhagen area.

With three opulent stores on the outskirts of the Danish capital, Jan Nygaard pride themselves on offering a fleet of 120 top-tier cars at all times, both online and in-store. Their commitment to excellence is reflected not just in their premium cars, but in the aesthetic appeal of their beautiful showrooms.


“We have premium cars and premium showrooms. We need to be ‘premium’ online as well.”

With the aim of streamlining the “premium feel” across all customer touchpoints, Anders and his team grappled with the intricacies of media production for their digital showroom.

Speaking of their inventory photos, “the entire process was very manual, time consuming and expensive. We hired a professional photographer who would come to our stores every other week. With the additional editing, our time to market was about 3 weeks.” 

Without an efficient way to produce images, exploring new engaging formats like video to present their cars seemed too far of a reach.


It was a LinkedIn message from a member of the Phyron  team that led Anders to discover the power of AI for video production. “We were eager to explore this engaging new format so we signed up for Phyron’s Inventory Videos.”

Inventory Videos

With zero manual work involved, Phyron’s API automatically fetches Jan Nygaard’s existing car data, consisting of their images and car specifications. Our platform then creates the dynamic videos, including the automated rendering, hosting, and streaming on online marketplaces, websites and social media.

With over 100 ways to customise, including 7 design templates and alternative colour schemes, Jan Nygaard’s digital showroom is on-brand with a consistent look and feel across all of their customer touchpoints.


Impressed with Phyron’s Inventory Videos, Anders was eager to use AI and automation to produce still images in order to save time and cut costs.

Using Phyron’s Stills, our AI-image editing tool, meant that Anders and his team could benefit from automatic editing, background removal, background replacement, and image-resolution upscaling. He claimed, “Before, it would take us 3 weeks to get our edited images online. With Phyron, we do it all on the same day.” 

Results: Cost Savings, Conversions & Time to Market 

Significant Cost Savings

Coupled with a faster time to market, the elimination of manual processes has also translated to significant cost savings. 

Prior to Phyron, Jan Nygaard were paying approximately 380 Danish Krone, or 50 Euros per car for photography and editing. With Phyron Stills, they are saving more than 88% – without even taking into account their video production.

Higher Marketplace Conversions with Phyron AI Video

  Jan Nygaard data, Bilbasen 2024

Upgrading their car listings from still images to Phyron AI videos on Bilbasen, Denmark’s largest online car marketplace, has proven to have a positive impact across all measured engagement metrics, and at all stages in the customer journey:

  • Attraction (# of views): +14%
  • Preliminary interest (clicks to website): +31%
  • Consideration (favorited listings): +18%
  • Direct leads (calls and emails): +8%

With Phyron AI videos, Jan Nygaard’s car listings have drawn more attention and encouraged potential buyers to take action – whether it’s seeking more information, making inquiries, or expressing a higher level of interest through calls and favourites.

Faster Time to Market

Focusing solely on image production, Anders and his team have saved over 95% of time as result of Phyron Stills. Replacing the manual photography and editing with AI and automation, their time to market has decreased from 3 weeks to less than 1 day. 

Looking Ahead

With stellar results across the board, we asked Anders how he feels about the future of our collaboration. “We have a great relationship with your team and we’re very pleased with the results. In fact, we recently signed up for your Paid Ads.”

Phyron’s Paid Ads allow Jan Nygaard to benefit from always-on advertising on social media, in 4 video formats for 18+ different placements. With our AI platform automatically analysing 500,000 cars daily, we help Anders and his team craft the perfect pitch for each car on every platform.