• By Phyron
  • Feb 13, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

This is a real-life story about a dare-devil career move, young love, used car dealers, and the smartest sales and marketing solution ever. 3 minutes, tops.

What do you regret most, in business and in life? A professor at the Stockholm School of Economics recently asked 1,000 people exactly that. The short answer: Things they didn’t do. Or, to quote the good professor: ”When in doubt — do it.”

Great advice. Over the years I have made my fair share of stupid mistakes. But when something looks and feels right, I just do it. And FOMO is not necessarily a bad thing — in business or in our private lives.

46 years ago I left a safe, well-paid corporate job for a short-term marketing mission with the world’s hottest sales machinery at the time. A next-to suicidal career move, according to my peers. A totally unheard of product concept to be presented in a brand new way. Couldn’t resist it, we nailed it, and I never looked back.

58 years ago, against all odds, I saw The Right One half across the world at the tender age of 19. I took the leap, and we’re still holding hands. Hmm … maybe a touch too much for Linkedin or a company website? Anyway:

Two years ago, after a generous lifetime in sales and marketing, I saw the future in video. Fully automated, studio-quality, always-on AI video. The most brilliant sales and marketing innovation ever. So, way beyond normal retirement age … FOMO, all over again.

Within the first few months the solution was officially recognized by the EU as a Tomorrow’s Innovation Leader. Smart dealers on three continents also saw the light. They are now reaping the benefits, attracting more online buyers, selling all their cars faster at lower cost. And the sky is the limit.

What about you? Which missed call to action will you regret most in January 2024?