New Click To Action solutions 
boost response to online car ads

  • By Phyron
  • Oct 3, 2022
  •  – 3 min read

Clever sales pitches often incorporate a series of small, spaced out “Calls To Action” (CTAs) that ultimately lead on to one final, overall proposition. These step-by-step CTAs along the way should make it easier for the targeted audience to adopt a certain train of thought. And hopefully make them more likely to accept the more demanding proposition.

In digital marketing the same term, sometimes called “Click To Action”, roughly translates into “tricks and tools to provoke an immediate response”. This often combines a message of urgency (limited time offer, etc) and a direct prompt to take the next step in a buying journey. In its simplest form through simplistic message buttons such as “Read more”, but new technology offers far more sophisticated and effective solutions.

Years ago, an article in the Wall Street Journal suggested that the incidence of calls to action in television advertisements is “increasing due to marketers' desire for instant and measurable results”. Sure thing. In online marketing, monitoring CTA is a way of life.  

Unfortunately, many marketers tend to overestimate raw numbers, regardless of the QUALITY of the clicks.It is relatively easy toreach large numbers and provoke some kind of response, but notoriously difficult to catch on to individual needs and interests and, based on that, prompt meaningful response. Preferably when the potential buyer is most curious and motivated to find out more about it, like immediately after spotting his or her next dream car online.

When you promote used cars online, you want them to be seen by as many potential buyers as possible, and you want instant response, right? But people have different priorities and are in different moods and circumstances when they happen to see the ad, so you don’t know what that response may look like. Each buyer largely controls his or her own unique buying journey. 


 Therefore, forget about yesterday’s static, standardized “buttons” shouting LEARN MORE! Because now, whether potential buyers see the car on Facebook or classifieds, you can trigger their next step with customized videos inside the ad. Not only inviting them to a dialog based on their demonstrated interest, but leading them there.

You can, for example, let a video lead directly and seamlessly to deeper specifications, related services, or a dialog with the salesperson in charge. Or even directly to a payment routine. Don’t laugh, dealers with automated video have actually sold several cars that way. Talk about quality clicks!

The best part: To activate this kind of open, welcoming inroads for your potential buyers you don’t need any complex routines or costly investments. All you need to do is providing the relevant URL, email address, and/or phone number the rest is handled by automated video intelligence.