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More leads for car listings with videos

(Auto Trader)


More views compare to ads without videos



Car listings with video sells 3-5 days faster

(Adevinta, Finn)

It’s just facts.
Video is the most attractive and engaging format for presenting a car.

“We see a powerful effect with Phyron.
Ads with Phyron videos get on average +50% more visits and cars sell 3-5 days faster compared to ads without Phyron videos.”
Tímea Draskovits, Director of Classified Revenues, Adevinta Hungary
The Process

Phyron in Action

How it works

Smooth onboarding
Zero manual work

Step 1

We meet with your web manager/consultant to sort out the details and set up the configuration.

Step 2

Phyron automatically collects the images and specifications for all cars from your catalog.

Step 3

Our Artificial Intelligence creates and adds video to all your car ads within minutes.

Step 4

The videos are stored and continuously monitored on Phyron’s content network for easy publishing on your site, external marketplaces, and in social media.

Enhance your vehicle presentation

Before PhyronAfter Phyron

Product features

  • Intelligent object detection

    So you highlight the best selling points

  • Automatic background removal

    So all cars are presented in the same way

  • Automatic publishing

    So you eliminate a lot of work

  • Marketplace aggregation

    So your ads are ready for marketplaces and social

  • Phyron multifunctional video player

    So every ad can start a dialog