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More leads for car listings with video

(Auto Trader)


More views compare to ads without video



Car listings with video sells 3-5 days faster

(Adevinta, Finn)

It’s just facts.
Video is the most attractive and engaging format for presenting a car.

"We see a powerful effect with Phyron.
Ads with Phyron videos get on average +50% more visits and cars sell 3-5 days faster compared to ads without video."
Tímea Draskovits, Director of Classified Revenues, Adevinta Hungary

Boost your car ads automatically with AI

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How it works

Smooth onboarding
Zero manual work

Step 1

We meet with your web manager/consultant to sort out the details and set up the configuration.

Step 2

Phyron automatically collects the images and specifications for all cars from your catalog.

Step 3

Our Artificial Intelligence creates and adds video to all your car ads within minutes.

Step 4

The videos are stored and continuously monitored on Phyron’s content network for easy publishing on your site, external marketplaces, and on social media.

Product features

  • Intelligent object detection

    To highlight the best selling points

  • Automatic background removal

    To present your cars in the same uniform way

  • Automatic publishing

    In order to save time and eliminate manual work

  • Marketplace aggregation

    So your ads are ready for marketplaces and social

  • Phyron multifunctional video player

    So that every ad can start a dialog