The third wave of always-on product advertising

  • By Phyron
  • Mar 12, 2024
  •  – 2 min read

The landscape of digital advertising is continuously being shaped by transformative waves, each heralding new platforms and strategies that redefine engagement and ROI.

THE FIRST WAVE, marking the advent of automated always-on campaigns, was embodied by sponsored links. This innovation laid the foundation for targeted digital marketing, resulting in substantial growth.

THE SECOND WAVE was defined and characterized by image ad campaigns across networks, media sites, and social platforms. Capturing the attention of a wider audience with its elevated visual appeal and strategic placement.

Today, we are facing THE THIRD WAVE. A much bigger wave, bringing more dramatic change for product advertisers. A groundbreaking new era where always-on product level video campaigns across all platforms are set to redefine market engagement and competitive strength.  

This (r)evolution is not merely a shift in format or platform but a transformative approach to how products are presented, experienced, and interacted with in the digital space. Leaving any slackers in the dust.


To contextualize the scale and potential of this new wave: digital ad revenues escalated by 78% over three years, reaching an impressive $667 BILLION in 2022. The new frontier in digital advertising promises not only to enhance brand-consumer interactions but also to set new benchmarks in campaign effectiveness, cost/benefit ratio, and consumer engagement.


The third wave of always-on product level video campaigns is not just a progression but a true revolution, setting the stage for unprecedented engagement and innovation. 

Imagine the immersive precision of digital targeting, combined with the immersive power of always-on video campaigns. Crafting a whole new level of consumer experience and interaction.

This third wave, pioneered by Phyron, represents a significant shift in how brands and retailers will connect with consumers in the years to come

Mattias Kellquist
Founder, CBDO