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  • By Phyron
  • May 30, 2023
  •  – 3 min read
Voice Over

With a choice of 8 or more attractive voices, every Video Ad presents the key features of every car more effectively from the first critical seconds onwards. You’ve got total control of your branded template for intros, outros, campaign or company messages. And all the backup, knowledge, and services to build an outstanding always-on presence in your marketplace.

Phyron’s Voiceover is now successively rolled out in all relevant language versions, starting with English, Norwegian, and Italian. For more information about Voiceover, please contact your Phyron representative or   

Three educational events in May

 In May 2023 three major automotive events took place in Lisbon, Verona, and Paris. Phyron’s Sales director Per Laredius summarizes his overall impressions:

“One trend seems to be an increased focus on transactional business. Offering financial services, buying directly from online marketplaces, and so on. 

Another is the increased presence of carmakers and other OEMs taking a more active role at events previously focusing mainly on dealerships. At Dealer Day in Verona, Volvo was pushing extra hard for EVs.

“A third strong trend is the ever-present focus on AI. Everybody is eager to talk about AI and automation. It’s almost like people feel obliged to learn more about it, so they naturally gravitate towards exhibits and workshops like ours.”


Valuable insights in Lisbon

Nick Miro, Phyron’s Strategic  Partnerships Manager  attended the world’s first conference entirely dedicated to innovations in automotive classifieds:

“My primary objective was to meet with relevant decision makers and this meeting definitely lived up to my expectations. The most forward-thinking founders and executives already think in terms of video first, and they were also the ones most interested to continue a discussion. 

“Several representatives of enterprises that initially didn’t seem like an obvious fit disclosed lots of valuable insights and pleasant surprises.”

Verona: Go digital!  

Phyron’s Country manager for Italy, Luca Zampana welcomed an impressive gathering of major dealers, automaker representatives, and other automotive professionals to the Phyron stand and seminar titled The missing link in auto dealerships. He says: ”My strongest impression from the Dealer Day event was that everybody seems to recognize the importance of going digital.”     

“My primary objective in Verona was to expand on the personal relationships, and further contribute to the awareness of automated video,” says Tina Sadeghi, head of Phyron’s Customer Success team. “One very influAI ential person also noted that we are one of few B2B providers serving the needs of users/buyers as well as the dealers.”


AI and automation at EMVO in Paris

Phyron’s CEO Johan Sundstrand joined French Country manager Gaël Moysan and Paris-based Sanjith Baboolal, ABM and Creative specialist at the EMVO conference in Paris.  

Gaël Moysan headed an educational and well-attended workshop, followed by an informative Q&A session with the highly qualified audience.

“It was a unique opportunity to present precisely how AI coupled with automation meets the needs of car dealerships,” says Gaël Moysan. “Essential isssues for dealers facing the increasingly demanding evolution.”