The universal language

  • By Phyron
  • Mar 6, 2023
  •  – 2 min read

We spend more time online and, more than anything, we consume online video. So, believe me, this affects us all.

It only took the new media phenomenon ChatGPT a few weeks to challenge our understanding of words like ”write”, ”story”, ”blogpost” or ”article”. Then a few more weeks to raise the bigger issue of AI, and question the meaning of words like ”design” or ”art”.

The visual language is fantastic. It’s universal at heart, and enriched with all sorts of multi-cultural expressions. Shapes, colours, images, symbols enhancing human values and experience. And stretching our minds to exciting new places. It helps us to understand each other, and to appreciate the diversities.

I work with visual stuff in a company dedicated to AI video automation, so I’m really at the core of that evolution. What’s more, with family roots on three contents and a CV to match, I am the very definition of multi—cultural. I can only hope that increasingly powerful AI tools will continue to widen our minds and the horizons for diversity, rather than merging and blurring them into one.

Nobody knows how the new tools for manipulating what we see and feel will affect all that. Personally, I hope and trust that AI will be used to enhance and clarify what’s real and important. Maybe dramatize what’s real to make it more attractive and engaging, but not to deceive and manipulate consumers against their own best interest.

In the world of marketing and advertising, this will hopefully be managed in a responsible manner by the advertisers themselves. Or, if necessary controlled via industry and consumer organizations. The real danger may be with darker powers outside our civilized communities.

Sanjith Miguel Baboolal
ABM and Creative Specialist