The Voice of Automated AI Video

  • By Phyron
  • May 23, 2023
  •  – 3 min read

The human voice is an outstanding means of conveying information, ideas, feelings... In sales and marketing this superpower can be used in many ways.

  1. A distinct, easily recognisable brand “personality”
  2. An inspiring, captivating way of presenting a product, a service, a dealer
  3. A fast and effective way to convey all the facts a buyer may look for.

When your aim is to sell large numbers of new and used cars, you can benefit from a smart voiceover solution at all these levels. And, considering that you may have hundreds or thousands of unique cars in your catalogue, the key is automation.

Human communication is multi-sensory

From the day we were born, we all use our five senses to discover, learn more about, experience, and enjoy the world around us. Multi-media is simply more effective at all levels, most especially the combination of sight and sound. From Chaplin to The Lord of the Rings. The gradual transition from silent movies to “talkies” through the late 1930s ended a one-dimensional golden era and set off the never-ending technical and creative revolution we still enjoy today.

Voice in sales and marketing

When you think of “car sales”, the first thing that comes to mind may well be a salesperson in a showroom. Explaining the functions and features. Listening, talking, and showing, nurturing the dream, and building confidence. Listening, talking, and showing. What if you could recreate that scenario online, where the buyers are?

The soundtrack of film, radio and tv commercials typically combines voice messages with music and sound effects to set the right mood. Including brand advertising for new car models. Now, the same proven concept is applied to bring used cars to life.
The tricky part here is of course that every used car is unique, each with a minimal allowance for marketing and advertising. The key is ... that’s right, automation.

Voice and AI Video Automation.

The dealer simply connects to Phyron’s online service and watches the data and images in their car catalog turn into videos. Studio-quality videos with a friendly voice of your choice presenting the key selling points. Ads created, managed, and published on all relevant platforms, 100% automatically. Ads for every single car in stock, within minutes at the approximate cost of a cup of coffee.

These selling points may well include any financial and other services that come with each specific vehicle. Attractive, also in terms of sales margins. And, why not say something nice about your dealership, too?

Every human voice has a unique and consistent identity based on tone, timbre, pitch, perceived attitude, and personal style. Maybe a particular local dialect as well, to further inspire comfort and trust. Now you can let the voice of your choice tell your story and present the most attractive features of every car in stock. Even on TikTok and YouTube.

What’s the Voice of your brand?

Rolf Andersson
Phyron Writer and Editor