• Jun 9, 2022
  •  – 1 min read

If you take one you immediately want a handful of this unique automotive best-seller, launched in Gävle, Sweden in the 1950s. 40 years earlier, the entrepreneurial Ahlgren brothers had launched a mouthwash named Läkerol. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The following year Läkerol tablets began to conquer the world, inspiring an entire range of sweets including some funny-looking pink, green and white foam candy automobiles.

Since then several complementing “models” have been added to the range. The following quote from the company’s website should give you an idea of their automotive marketing flair:

But this souped up salt liquorice is not for the Sunday driver! And there are naturally also highly prized original parts for Ahlgrens bilar – Tyres. These tyres have terrible braking performance, as their delicious flavor makes it impossible to stop them.


As a complementary, the company also supplies tires with terrible braking performance. “Their delicious flavor makes it impossible to stop them anywhere. Except in your mouth, of course.”

The original taste and design have remained since 1953. Sweden’s best-tasting car is now also available to sweet-toothed car lovers in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the USA, China, Malta, Cyprus, Poland.

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