Managing success in 2023

  • By Phyron
  • May 16, 2023
  •  – 3 min read
What's the difference between Customer Service and Customer Success?

The last couple of years you have most likely heard the latter job title in conjunction with SaaS companies, the ones selling Software as a Service. Have you ever thought about the difference?

In 2021 there were at least 25,000 SaaS companies in the world, of which nearly 7,000 sold marketing services. Today there are considerably more of them, and according to Gartner, the SaaS market was worth over 195 billion (!) dollars in 2022. So, customer success is no doubt part of something ... successful.

The main reason why this business model exists at all is that software is developing so fast nowadays. So fast that it would be virtually impossible for both service providers and users to stay updated within the scope of a traditional customer service organization.

“Customer Success is both proactive and strategic. To be more specific, we systematically measure and keep track of impact, strategy, KPIs, processes, technical setups, and optimization”, says Tina Sadeghi , head of Phyron’s Customer Success team. But there are similarities too:

“Like in traditional customer service we also make sure that customers are always updated and have access to the latest releases and so forth. It’s really tailored to their specific needs, and we monitor their performance and absorb their experiences.”


The Phyron customer success team makes sure you are always up to date with all the latest. “What makes our customer delivery teams unique, is that we are not just Phyron specialists, but rather industry and marketing specialists. The customer success team has access to global and real-time data, and are regularly updated on market best practices, industry insights and, not least, marketing trends and efficiencies. Locally and globally.”

Today, new subscription models provide regularly updated and controlled functionality and performance for many products. Much like a computer, a modern car is increasingly defined by its regular software updates. Customers evaluate the functions and performance between competing models and brands that way.   

In similar ways, modern always-on marketing and sales tools are regularly updated with the latest software versions. Which requires cleverly designed routines and systems. Right now, Phyron runs more than half a million (!) unique always-on videos for dealers in more than 20 countries.

But ... why only SaaS companies? Why don’t ALL companies do more to ensure the best possible performance and service at all times?

Rolf Andersson
Phyron Writer and Editor