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Car ad pioneers in 13 countries

  • By Phyron
  • May 19, 2022
  •  – 3 min read

Analyzing the result from 10,000 car dealer ads published in Q1 2022, a major publisher of classified ads found that Phyron’s video ads resulted in 50% more views than regular ads. Cars with video ads were also sold 3–5 days faster. Mattias Kellquist, co-founder in charge of business development at Phyron, knows why:

"Car dealers around Europe and in North America have very similar experiences. Video is simply the most effective tool to attract attention and engage buyers online. It is more life-like and more entertaining, and you can get all vital information across before the buyer gets bored. Let’s be honest, most used car ads are not that exciting, are they?”

The very first company in the automotive world to introduce a fully automated video solution was Din Bil, a leading Swedish Volkswagen dealership. Shortly thereafter, late in 2019 Peter Borelius, Head of Business Development said: “By generating and publishing unique videos for every single used car we took a giant leap to be even more visible online, and at the same time making the customer experience more attractive and vibrant.”

In Germany, in 2020, Tiemeyer was one of the first car dealerships to introduce the new solution. “And with overwhelming results”, says Carsten Ziemek, Head of Sales: “By showing videos for all cars, we definitely made a huge leap into the future. And it did not cost us a single extra man-hour!”

In the UK, several major dealers, media, and software partners were fast to adopt the new technology. Scottish dealer John Clark operates car dealerships coast-to-coast. Steven Watters, Head of Digital says: “At the end of October 2021, we had a total of 9860 videos created since we went live. Due to the fact that our Phyron videos are also shared on Auto Trader, the number of unique visitors who played these videos rose by 33% since we went live.”

In the Netherlands, Leon van Davenhorst is Chief Digital Officer at Wensink with more than 40 outlets around the country: “Video is an extremely efficient way to sell a car, and with a fully automated process, every car in our catalog is presented in the same effective way.“

In Norway 2020, Carweb, a major provider of automotive software and marketing owned by the largest media company in the Nordics, & Schibsted, successfully introduced the solution to hundreds of dealers. Wiggo E. Ryhjell, CMO at Carweb says: “Video brings the entire buyer experience closer to a deal and has shown to speed up sales and thus cutting capital cost.”

In Finland, Susa Niemela, Chief Digital Officer at Rinta Juopin Autoliike says: We immediately recognized the opportunity to present all cars to all potential buyers in a more effective way. Especially when buyers cannot proceed to a local showroom to see the actual car. A good visual impression was always important to catch the buyers’ attention.”

Adam Holm, Area Manager of Used Cars at Volvo Cars agrees: “This is the Future. This is what it should look like!”

In Italy, Hungary, USA, Canada, and other countries dealers and partners have similar enlightening stories to tell about Phyron’s automated car videos. To date, they have been viewed online more than 230,000,000 times. It is rapidly becoming The Greatest Car Show on Earth.